Two Different Worlds

I don't really consider myself a political being, but something has occurred to me lately. It's not mind-blowing or even something that no one has ever come up with before. The people who "run" this country in Washington, D.C. live in a completely different world than the rest of us Americans. I think D.C. should stand for Different Country.

While most of us are concerned with paying bills, bettering our children's lives, living a good life, and taking care of those we love...those people in the different country are concerned with winning political battles, getting more funding for their pet projects, or keeping some special interest off their backs. Now, how do these two worlds ever come together? Well, they don't. Hence, the f*cked up nature of where the two worlds intersect. Like when we try to pay our taxes, send our kids to school, or attempt to run a small business. Those people in that different country either never have lived a life like ours or once did and forgot about it as soon as they walked into the White House or any other federal building for that matter. I seriously doubt that any of those people have ever had to pay a parking ticket, do their own taxes, or tell their children not to stress out from the stupid tests that are supposed to determine how smart they are.

And just so you don't sit there rolling your eyes at yet another meaningless rant on some random chick's blog, I have a solution.

The problem is those people in that different country have NO CLUE whatsoever what life is REALLY like for the average American...even though they say they know in the speeches someone else writes for them. The solution then is to make it a REQUIREMENT for ANYONE who even thinks about holding public office to live ONE YEAR as an average American, in an average American city, sending their children to public schools, and earning an average American's salary. WE THE PEOPLE should make it so because right now folks our government is about as representative of the average person as Sax Fifth Avenue is representative of Walmart.

I shall now step off my soap box and let you ponder that for a while.